BAB Pressevertrieb GmbH

BAB Pressevertrieb GmbH

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BAB Pressevertrieb GmbH



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BAB Pressevertrieb GmbH
Stettiner Str. 15
764 37

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Semi linen dishcloths

We produce the semi linen dishcloths and towels on the jacquard looms which enable weaving of the rich patterns, skirts or client’s logo. Semi linen dishcloths woven on the jacquard looms belong to the most attractive ones. Semi linen dishcloths and towels are woven of the natural materials.

Cotton tablecloths

We offer cotton tablecloths and table napkins of width up to 160 cm – damask tablecloths in parallel designs ( all over ) and also with skirts at the sides. We can weave your own logo on the tablecloths. Cotton tablecloths in wide assortment of canvas design.

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